Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The List

Dear Fashionistas,

Fashion Week is around the corner so hit up craigslist.com for internship or volunteer positions! Anyway, it has been a weeks since i wrote on you so....

FYI1: Saks has a crazy Chanel window display which is a must see!

FYI2:Check out the MET Museum which has a crazy fashion superhero exhibit!

FYI3: Barneys Warehouse is having a crazy sale!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wingate got a taste of fashion

The school yard full of people not for the recess fight but to see a monster on vocals...everybody chanting her name until she came out and blew us away with her first note! We are talking about Ms. Jill Scott herself at Wingate High School field...a little upset that Estelle didn't show up but Jill brought attention that made lightening flash! I tell you...she was a monster...unlike any other creature around...so beware when she comes to your town!
I had to give Wingate a piece of fashion so they could chew on...! Guys and Dolls, lets support our community when they bring music and culture to us!
On a fashion note...i love being around a mix crowd... majority African American but dress from head to toe! Its a beautiful thing when i see your brothers and sisters looking good!

Fashion in a "A Minor"!!!!

Janelle Monae and Estelle has not only ruled the music world but also ruled the fashion world! Step to the side the side, Beyonce and Big Sista Riri these girls have style and vocals...the real talent is coming out!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fashion in the Eyes of my Beholder

Simple and Sweet...i must say myself! Thanks Jay and Swanky...another
fab photo shoot!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kira Plastinia

Being a reader of Teen Vogue i wanted to check out one of their designers, Kira Plastina, that they wrote an editorial about! Well...the store is like a cheap forever 21 in pink...i personally rather stare at a black window display at Saks than shop there! Heads up girls...BEWARE!