Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fashion Week Experience

Well, I am NOW writing about fashion week, I feel that I had to experience it first before I blogged it!
Well I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I ran into a lot of celebrities, press, and models but the best i Fashion Network, which was amazing and i think my Dad started to like it, too!

I attended the Perry Ellis show, Rubin Singer, Hood by Air, and I dressed at the Rock & Republic, Chris Han, and Custo Barcelona fashion show, which was all amazing! My favorite show was the one I did every morning in the mirror looking for a new outfit to wear! {lol...another fashion joke}

I hate to take pictures at show since i think it is not professionally but i had to take at least 1 and I got to meet alot of amazing people {i.e ME...Im on a roll tonight} and give out my business cards!

Well... advice to other people that wants to attend shows next season :
1: intern for a designer, showroom, or a public relation office that does alot of shows!
2: network through out the year so next season people would invite you to their shows
3:or if all else fails just sneak into the tent and the shows {lol...don't do it's not going to work}
4: Or you just stay tunneled to my blog because you don't know which celebrity or press would be leaving a comment before or after you!!!

From my closet, to yours!!!

FIT Exhibt

FIT, Fashion Institute Of Technology, is one of the leading fashion school in New York City { LIM is better} anyway they always have wonderful exhibt. They are having the Exoticism online exhibit from November 27, 2007 to May 7, 2008 {it is a must see}! They are also having the Madame Gres' : Sphinx of Fashion from February 2 to April 19, 2008, which i can't wait to see!

Museum Information:

Exoticism Exhibit

Fit Museum is :
Tues-Fri noon-8pm, Saturday 10 am-5pm. Closed Sundays, Monday, and legal holidays.
Seventh Avenue at 27 Street. New York City
Admission to the exhibitions is free.

skool you, kidz

Well, all you fashion students, fashion followers, or people that just like to look good; it only takes 10 minutes to educate yourself on fashion!

In my fashion writing class, I had to visit the Met museum to the Costume Institute Exhibit. The assignment was to pick three pieces that would be inspiration for up-coming designers and where did the pieces them self get inspiration from.

Check out the website at and educate yourself on the history on fashion!

Museum information is:

Costume Institute

log.mode: addressing fashion
December 18, 2007–April 13, 2008

1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street
New York, New York 10028-0198
General Information: 212-535-7710
TTY: 212-570-3828 or 212-650-2551

From my closet, to yours!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Perry Ellis

The rich autumn palettes like pumpkin, plum, hunter green, and chocolate are some that Perry Ellis used this season. The father of Marc Jacobs and Tracey Reese taught his children how to throw a real fall show! All designs all inspired by a forest in autumn time! From the antlers to the pumpkin stripes! I think this show was amazing and i can't wait for Spring 09!

Fom my closet to yours!

Rock & Republic

Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting Rock & Republic Fall 08, if you don't know, now you know!
Being a dresser at this show was so much fun, not only to meet the models and press, but also to have a conversation with the collection and was amazing! { fashion}
From the fitted black suits with fedoras to the random purple dresses in the show was so cool! I know I sound like a loser...but I am a huge fan of fashion shows! Check the memory on my Direct TV!

This collection get a star in my book!!

From my closet, to yours!

"hood by air"

Oak, Bond st. between Lafayette/ Bowery was the location, "hood by air" was the designer and I'm the pen and paper that is going to blow your mind!

Not only having a pack show but that every look was better than the next! Being creativity nasty with Gothic inspired piece but also setting the trend.

Favorite piece for the night was the coal and royal purple hoodie with double pockets in the front!

check them out at