Monday, January 28, 2008

Moshood Fashion Show

African History Month, should not be only celebrated in February but all year round! That is why i try and support my people when they are having a fashion show! Last year,I participated in Moshood fashion show which was successful by being a dresser since i had to learn how to drape the fabric because i was using their clothes for my own show! A pack house surrounded by beautiful models dancing to the beat of their own drums gave me so much pride being Black.
If you want to experience Moshood Creation Fashion Show,
the information is:
February 24, 2008
698 Fulton St. Brooklyn NY 11217
(718) 243-9433
Tickets $50

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chanel Spring 2008 Couture

I was checking my usual websites and i found the Chanel Spring 2008 Couture and i think it is amazing! The thing about an another designers taking over another person line is that they have to stay with the same concept but makes it better than before!
Chanel was created by Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel, launched in 1923, it was an elegant suit comprising a knee-length skirt and trim, boxy jacket, traditionally made of woven wool with black trim and gold buttons and worn with large costume-pearl necklaces. Coco Chanel also popularized the little black dress, whose blank-slate versatility allowed it to be worn for day and evening, depending on how it was accessorized. Although unassuming black dresses existed before Chanel, the ones she designed were considered the haute couture standard. All of her clothes were recognised by the famous chanel symbol. {According to Coco Chanel}!
The House of Chanel, under the leadership of Karl Lagerfeld, has defined the style and fashion of Chanel as being the five essentials: audacious, perfectionist, unique, passionate, and visionary. So when it came to the Spring 2008 it would not be hard for them to continue with the classic black and white collection but just update the beauty of the collection. Collection is on

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sex in the City Movie Cover

I love Sex in the City, actually meet Sarah Jessica Parker when she opened the "Get Bitten " line which was a lot of fun! You see i am a huge fan of Carrie Bradshaw but i like the cover but I am not that crazy about it! I think they could have done better on the graphic design! Even though it is very sexy but it is a little cheese! And i can't wait to see Mr. Big!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Fashion Party

Happy Birthday to my fellow fashionista Lady Tiff, that is throwing one of the hottest party of the Fall 2008 Fashion Season! It is going to be so cute and fly like my hair cut! Yours truly will be appearing to show my love and style to the Birthday girl!

For more information can contact me at and i can get you on the list!!!
Don't forget tickets are $20 before Febraury 8th... so all you fashionista put on your most ravishing party dress and party in the west village with the true trendsetters!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What is a fashionista?

So for the past day or two or three, people kept on asking me, "So what is a Fashionista"? I believe it is “a person that follows fashion especially high fashion, they live and breathe it, they go to school for it, plan their careers around it, and they read about it all the time!

The name " Heels of a Fashionista" comes from me {Dennine} walking down the street and seeing all these young people aka {fashion follower} following each other in terms of fashion fads! I personally try to stay away from fads, and stick with classic. I think it is funny to see all these kids saying their designers but they don't know the history of fashion.

So my philosophy is that nobody understands how it is to be a Fashionista, sometimes you have to wear flats so you can travel to deliver merchandise downtown and other times you have to wear pumps to strut up and down the runway! You see, sometimes you have to break your heel to move up in the shoe ladder to achieve your goal! That's why I think I am a Fashionista!

Couture Fashion Week--Couture-Luxury-Bridal

If you don't know ... now you know that Fashion Week is around the corner and all around the city every showroom is going crazy trying to put finishing touches on their show! Designers are cutting the last thread on their garments and models are starving themselves to fit into their clothes so they can be book next season! You see I like my Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Carnaval but there is something about fashion week that makes me go crazy! It's like a high 9:30 am in the tent preview a new line and trying to get as much press as possible! Well, to get to the point, if you have never been to a fashion this is you chance!
Couture Fashion Week
Couture-Luxury-Bridal- New York
Friday February 8, Saturday February 9, Sunday February 10, 2008
Show Times: 4:00, 7:00 and 9:30 p.m. each day
Tickets ranging from $35-$2,500! I am planning on getting the $35 tickets for standing since a show only last for around 10 min!

Check it out Fashionista at

High Waisted is "IN"!!

If you want to copy the new style on tv and the runway, check out one of my favorite site! Which keeps you inform with the lasts trends and also shows you how to wear it! If you are like many people and don't know how to pull off a simple high waisted look? Check out this amazing clip that will teach you how to dress it up or dress it down and still look fly!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Supima Premium Fabric Show

The Supima Premium Fabric Show
1356 Broadway NY/NY
When: Jan 22-- 10:30am-5:30pm
Jan 23,24 9:30am-5:30pm

This is the official link:

Sample Sale

Dear Whom this May Concern {aka YOU}

I am haven't got anything special from you in a long time and i miss being the center of your attention. Feed me with some designer stuff, take me shopping, buy me a dress, and some sick pumps,too...PLEASE!


Your Closet!

P.S .: The location is 35 Howard Street New York, NY (212)219-2688
Store Hours: Mon-Sat 11-8 pm Sun 12-7pm

Sunday, January 13, 2008

my tribute to sex in the city

And I wake up alone…and I wake up alone! My favorite show of all time is Sex in the City, Carrie Bradshaw which is a character created by Sarah Jessica Parker! Which represents every single girl in New York City searching for love, going out with her three girlfriends, and enjoying a great pair of shoes! In her journey of love, she fell in and out of love with Mr. Biggs, which represents every guy in your life that feels like he can rain on your parade every time it is a holiday! But something about this guy that compares to all is that he holds the key to your heart! You always have the Lover, that show you the world through a studio six old fashion glass, but something with the martini glass that you fall for every time. Therefore this blog is a tribute to Carrie Bradshaw for holding up the light of the single world and showing New York that even though you wake up alone, that you still have a pair of amazing heels to strut in.

Zac Posen...a Great bag

All bags of the bags that are being written about can be found on and the link is

Out of all the new Spring 08 Ready to Wear collection on, my favorite is this Zac Posen Python Zelda frame bag. It holds all four components of fashion, and the first is color! The color is a Bamboo Cocktail mix with a Khaki and top of with a Sienna brown which is so pretty. Details is how the snap of the bag is shape as a a hexagon and with the studs is so cute. The third component is texture which you can clearly tell is great marvelous with the Python fabric which a big thing now. The final but the most important is silhouette which is nicely shape curving every part of your body when you hold it really close to you. You see not many bags are made with these 4 things and that is why it is real important for you to have a good understanding of a great bag.

Spring Collection Tod's

The details of this bag is so sick, especially with the three zips connected by a chain and the lizard texture is a nice spring bag on the go!

Marc Jacobs Spring Ready to Wear boot...fab-u-lash

Being a fan of Marc Jacobs, i think these boots are so over our heads just because it reminds me up Peter Pan but a more Lower East Side swing on it!

Spring Collection of L.V.

I love L.V. and I love Spring but I feel that these two great things should not mix. Why would I want to walk down 5th ave. looking like I have a Easter basket on my shoulder!

BET held their first annual BET Honors ceremony in Washington, D.C. on Saturday night.

I am a fan of both Ladies for their music, shows and their career as Black Woman. But i am not a fan of Tyra put together compare to Alicia. It is always better to do classy than a Jungle theme and not every hair style is for every occasion!

Young and Fun // Grown and Sexy

When trying to decide on which business card I want to display has my logo and would be my trademark, I decided on one of the two! Grown and Sexy which is cool because I would be able to hit a more a mature age range compare to Young and Fun which i would be hitting a younger age range. But, at the ending i decided on using both just because i would be able to hit all demographics!

My husband Marc Jacobs

I am really in love with Marc Jacobs! Being a fashion student and studying his work in terms of the detailing, being a trendsetter, and his amazingness is the best part! So this ad with Posh Spice is like 2nd grade and college mixed up in one!