Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fashion Week Experience

Well, I am NOW writing about fashion week, I feel that I had to experience it first before I blogged it!
Well I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I ran into a lot of celebrities, press, and models but the best i Fashion Network, which was amazing and i think my Dad started to like it, too!

I attended the Perry Ellis show, Rubin Singer, Hood by Air, and I dressed at the Rock & Republic, Chris Han, and Custo Barcelona fashion show, which was all amazing! My favorite show was the one I did every morning in the mirror looking for a new outfit to wear! {lol...another fashion joke}

I hate to take pictures at show since i think it is not professionally but i had to take at least 1 and I got to meet alot of amazing people {i.e ME...Im on a roll tonight} and give out my business cards!

Well... advice to other people that wants to attend shows next season :
1: intern for a designer, showroom, or a public relation office that does alot of shows!
2: network through out the year so next season people would invite you to their shows
3:or if all else fails just sneak into the tent and the shows {lol...don't do it's not going to work}
4: Or you just stay tunneled to my blog because you don't know which celebrity or press would be leaving a comment before or after you!!!

From my closet, to yours!!!


shawna-kay.... said...

im so jealous u met tyson beckford

Vashti C. said...

hey my girl.. I love it .. you make me want to go intern for fashion designers. Well I think if all fails or I just can't find time to intern between my ever so busy schedule..I'll just wait till you get famous enough to invite me the shows. :)