Saturday, October 25, 2008

LIM Celebrity Stylist Panel Discussion

New York,NY-LIM College had a panel discussion with stylist June Ambrose, Eric Damon, Mari Senofonte, and Tom Broecker who discussed the life and career of a stylist. 6:30 the room was full with chatter and munching until the stylist sat down and every eye was on them. All having different backgrounds but the passion to bring life to garments make them into one. June discussed branding yourself as a stylist, Tom spoke about the importance between your finances and career, Eric discussed studying the work of others and copying them, and Mari spoke about knowing the amount of your worth, making people feel comfortable around you, and the importance of NO DRAMA!!!
This lecture wasn't only after hours tea but was inspiration to the little girls and boys that dress up in their best clothes, read Vogue, and dreams about the day they would make it to the top! It was an honor to meet these fabulous, educated, and creative group of people that one day i wish to rub elbows with!


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