Sunday, January 13, 2008

my tribute to sex in the city

And I wake up alone…and I wake up alone! My favorite show of all time is Sex in the City, Carrie Bradshaw which is a character created by Sarah Jessica Parker! Which represents every single girl in New York City searching for love, going out with her three girlfriends, and enjoying a great pair of shoes! In her journey of love, she fell in and out of love with Mr. Biggs, which represents every guy in your life that feels like he can rain on your parade every time it is a holiday! But something about this guy that compares to all is that he holds the key to your heart! You always have the Lover, that show you the world through a studio six old fashion glass, but something with the martini glass that you fall for every time. Therefore this blog is a tribute to Carrie Bradshaw for holding up the light of the single world and showing New York that even though you wake up alone, that you still have a pair of amazing heels to strut in.

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