Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What is a fashionista?

So for the past day or two or three, people kept on asking me, "So what is a Fashionista"? I believe it is “a person that follows fashion especially high fashion, they live and breathe it, they go to school for it, plan their careers around it, and they read about it all the time!

The name " Heels of a Fashionista" comes from me {Dennine} walking down the street and seeing all these young people aka {fashion follower} following each other in terms of fashion fads! I personally try to stay away from fads, and stick with classic. I think it is funny to see all these kids saying their designers but they don't know the history of fashion.

So my philosophy is that nobody understands how it is to be a Fashionista, sometimes you have to wear flats so you can travel to deliver merchandise downtown and other times you have to wear pumps to strut up and down the runway! You see, sometimes you have to break your heel to move up in the shoe ladder to achieve your goal! That's why I think I am a Fashionista!

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