Friday, June 20, 2008

Black Italia

I am a fan of Vogue and other high fashion publications but i am very offended about the whole "Black Italia"! This should not be a big subject on every blog or website but it should be a regular thing in magazines and runways to see African American models! What makes it worst that it was an undercover thing until Obama really became a factor in the presidential race! Is it now that people realize that there is no black faces...sorry that it foolishness!
I am a fashion student and this is a lack for color in my classroom! People don't realize that black has always and will always be beautiful! How can you look at a beautiful sister, with a shape as a Coca Cola body, and with beautiful hair and call her ugly!
This is why the baddest super models of all time is black models...really how many girls you know that can walk like Naomi, have the bone structure like Iman, or even have lips like Chanel Iman?
Even the late YSL famously said that "My dream woman is Iman" and she was the house model for Yves Saint Laurent's African Queen couture collection.
I hope this whole black vogue thing would not be a fad but it will turn into a classic thing to have more black faces.

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