Friday, June 6, 2008

My Rihanna Vibes

So for a long time..i didn't like Rihanna! I thought she was a talentless, long weave, and coconut until i she changed up her music and her stylist (huge plus)! She cut her hair and started to take talking lesson! Then i got my Rihanna vibes...i just cut my hair similar to hers and i think her man is cute ! Her new video "Take A Bow" is the perfect break up/stylist song! It is move or less a fashionista get over song after someone does them wrong ...any that is not my point!
The point is the simplicity of a black wife beater tank, red jacket, jeans, and heels which is really down to earth! My theme for all is/one of my personal theories is that "simplicity is the art that i wish not to conform the best way of life but Ms. Rihanna proved that simplicity is the art that she can conform to! Even though her jewerly cost an arm and a leg, but her outfit was perfect for it!

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J2d9 aka Trinigyul said...

Rihanna is hot. I never used to like her either but her style has gone up 100% and she learnt how to hide that forehead everyone is so obsessed it (they just mean cause she is cute) And most of all she is a proud Bajan and I support my proud West Indians!!!