Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Marc and Me

Out of all the most amazing things that has ever happen to me...all of the fashion shows, internships, and volunteer position has nothing on my experience last week! I went to pick-up samples at Marc Jacobs showroom and when i cames in...Mr. Jacobs was sitting in a corner with two other designers working on an inspiration board!

The colors, patterns, tattoos, big glasses, and the tank top was just the topping of my experience! Being a fan of his grudge work, Marc, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Litte Marc,Louis Vuitton and my future wedding dress has nothing on my love! Favorite designer inspiration, best businessman, amazing fashion shows that draws tears to my eyes... and out of all of that...i meet Marc Jacobs!!



GRN[pea] said...

so frikkin' lucky

TheUrbanChattier said...

So proud of you!!! Don't forget the little people when you're extra fab in the NEAR FUTURE....little person.