Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today I was reading Harper Bazzar January 2009 issue and they had an article on the life of Stephen Sprouse and his influence on Louis Vuitton!The story was told that Marc Jacobs, creative designer for LV, was at Charolette Gainsberg's apartment, "she had by the side of her bed, a Louis Vuitton trunk that had been painted black by her father,and the Monogram was sort of peeking through" and that is the birth of the graffiti thought! Next he teamed up with Stephen Sprouse who was the first high fashion designer in the '80s to make clothes that hip and young and cool" and created a speedy bag full of graffiti! Years to come Jacobs collaborated with Takashi Murakami and Richard Price!
Well, on my way picking up samples I walked passed the soon to be Sprouse exhibit on Wooster Street and its so crazy! The exhibit is opening on Friday Jan 9 09 and is located Wooster street between grand & canal!

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