Friday, January 2, 2009

Stylist Beagy Zielinski

Fashionista of the Moment

Famous styist,Beagy Zielinski, work has been gracing pages of magazines all of the world! I was so lucky to run into her work on clutch this week and to have an interview is so amazing! I think it is a beautiful thing to see a women of color doing big things and are setting the path for fashionista like you and me to follow!!!

Thanks, hun!!!

Quick Facts

Age 27
New York, NY
Who is your favorite designers?
Givenchy, Barbara Bui, and Pierre Hardy
What decade do you pull inspiration from and why?
I pull inspiration from all decades. Really it depends on what I am shooting and what look we are going for.
Where do you see fashion in the next five years?
I think that fashion will be more "green" in the coming years. Being eco friendly has become a real fashion statement and I think it will be more prevalent in more high end collections in the future. Also, I can only hope to see more diversity both on the runway and behind the scenes, in the editorial and styling worlds. Those are the changes I hope to see in the coming years.
Which styling project did you enjoy the most and why?
So far I have to say the Greek ELLE shoot was the my fav. I had full creative control, I got to go back to Germany for the shoot and the team I worked with is one of my favorites to shoot with. We shoot together at least twice a year and the results are always fabulous.
In your opinion, what is a fashionista and what does Heels of a Fashionista means to you?
I think that a fashionista is someone who not only loves and appreciates fashion but also truly understands all of its elements. Heels of a fashionista I take as everyone else being on the heels of that fashionista who is on top of his /her fashion game. Everyone is just one step behind him/her and she/he takes the fashion lead and shows everyone else what to wear, how to wear it and how to make it your own.
What advice do you have for our readers?
Live life to the fullest & don't be afraid to express yourself through fashion while doing so.

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